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Dear prospective puppy parents,


Please always beware of scammers and make sure you are allowed to visit your puppy (or) parents!

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Bred & born in the USA


Toy Poodle

Established in 2017

We offer beautiful and lovingly cared for toy poodle puppies

Greetings and welcome to our website!

We are a toy poodle-loving family. My daughters and I decided that we wanted to promote the responsible rehoming of Toy Poodles because of our love of animals, admiration for the breed, and desire to encourage the breeding of healthy Toy Poodle puppies.


We partner with breeders all over the U.S. to create loving companions for those in need. Lonely seniors are dear to my heart, and I look forward to serving you.

Much Love,



Toy Poodle


New Litter Born
March 1st, 2024
Mia & Rico

Deposit $800

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Viewing Hours

​​Friday & Saturday

12pm - 6pm

Epiphany Poodles

AKC/CKC  Toy Poodle Puppies, Perinatal Care & Stud Service

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